Keeping environment of tortoise

Attaching the vinyl seat to the cage of 95cm * 95cm, it is insulative at the light and the heater.
The light has acquired fluorescent light for the reptilia which put out the ultraviolet ray and 2 light bulbs 100W for insulation and the night way light.
Installing the ceramic fan heater, it does cold winter measure.
I forget on & off of power source of the light for the noon, absent-mindedly because and also adjustment of temperature is difficult, jointly using the timer and the thermostat, the machine entrust. The ULTRAVIOLET RADIATION fluorescent light is regular illumination with only the timer temperature regardless of. The insulative light has set when it reaches 30 degrees or less, in order to light up. The light for the night and the ceramic fan heater when it reaches 27 degrees or less, in order to light up, have set with the thermostud.
Cutting the blue board, it made the shelter for the shade. Secret of cage set probably will put out in order to acquire temperature gradient inside the cage, setting.

Keeping environment of turtle

Processing the Styrofoam and the board, the land place shallow it installs the place in 120cm tank. The land place it is in a state where the place has floated shallow. Rather than putting in place block, cubic measure inside the tank has taken widely.
In order for the turtle to be easy to rise to the land place, attaching the board to the land place slantedly, it makes inclination and has made easy to rise from also the direction the bottom.
As for the turtle which I have raised, the majority is mud turtle. In book and the like,
“Depth of the Keeping water of the mud turtle is drowned if they are not 2 times that height of the shell.”
With it is written. But,Using the gravel and the driftwood, to the shallowest place it can keep the turtle crossing from the deepest place, and others, it seems that is not the times when turtle are drowned. Until now, because as for the turtle which is drowned it is not I think that it is all right.
But, depth of the water becoming deep suddenly, when it has done to reach, I think that tutle are drowned.
The land place is illuminated with the fluorescent light and the insulative light for the reptilia which give out the ultraviolet ray excluding the time when the midsummer air temperature rises very much.
It sets water temperature to 26 degrees at the heater.
As for me, as for the filtration filter the upper type filter and the external type filtration filter are jointly used. Because the sponge has entered into the filtration filter when purchasing mainly, the filter medium is being inserted mainly in place of the sponge. The one which the filter medium the large quantity was inserted the living thing bacterium propagating well in the filter, filtration ability increases, so. Therefore, just one inserting the thin sponge in the filter, the large quantity I inserted the filter medium.
Because the sponge Sawayama as for having entered, when the filter medium is inserted mainly, price of the filtration filter rises in the filtration filter when purchasing, it probably will put out.
The filtration gravel 16kg is being inserted in the tank. Because as for the filtration gravel the droppings which the turtle does with light ocher are conspicuous, the droppings it is less crowded with the net, because also the transparency of the water which is less crowded well it rises, it likes very much.
Because generally the person who inserted the gravel into the tank propagates the bacterium, I am inserting the gravel.

Keeping environment of Narrow-bridged musk turtle
Narrow-bridged musk turtle

Because as for Narrow-bridged musk turtle being atrocious in comparison with the other mud turtle, mixed living Keeping is unreasonable, I raise independently with the 60cm tank. Because the Narrow-bridged musk turtle when water tendency to be very strong becomes the adult, does not rise to the land, I do not make the land place. As for water changing summer season in month 2 times. Season other than the summer has done 1 time water changing in month.

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